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    Seminars on Research Methods

    RM01 Practical Marketing Research
    RM02 Shopper Marketing: Insights, Innovation, Implementation *
    RM03 Designing Effective Questionnaires: A Step by Step Workshop
    RM04 Next Generation Quantitative Tools: Online Innovations, Mobile, Best Practices *
    RM05 Linking Customer, Employee and Process Data to Drive Profitability *

    Seminars on Data Analysis

    DA01 The Fundamentals of Data Analysis: Preparing, Weighting, Analyzing *
    DA02 Tools & Techniques of Data Analysis
    DA03 Practical Multivariate Analysis
    DA04 Practical Conjoint Analysis And Discrete Choice Modeling

    Seminars on Research Applications

    RA01 Applying Research & Insights: Customer, Brand, Product
    RA02 New Product Research: Laying The Foundation For New Product Success
    RA03 Market Segmentation and Positioning Research
    RA04 Designing and Managing Best-in-Class Customer Engagement Programs
    RA06 Unlocking Consumer Insights: Neuroscience, Non-Conscious Measurement, Measurement of Emotion

    Seminars on Communication

    C01 Writing and Presenting Marketing Research Reports: Insights, Storytelling, Data Visualization

    Seminars on Qualitative Research

    Q01 Focus Group Moderator Training
    Q02 Specialized Moderator Skills for Qualitative Research Applications
    Q03 Next Generation Qualitative Tools: Social Media, Online Communities, Virtual Research Platforms

    Note: Seminar numbers are for reference purposes only and do not reflect level of difficulty of course.
    * Seminars are only available for customized company programs.

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