This intensive 1.5-day workshop is designed to provide critical knowledge to evaluate, understand and interpret the application of neuroscience knowledge and tools to test content effectiveness, marketing communication, branding and customer experiences.  The workshop will offer a lens into the new tools that neuroscience offers the business world which replace traditional methods for research, analytics and insight gathering.   You will learn:

  • Basic neuroscience grounding principles: How our emotions, attention and memory impact our decision making capabilities.
  • What tools can help us better understand our customers’ emotional engagement, attention and content memory.
  • How our brain operates when making decisions: comparing rational and emotional decisions and the biases that impact our choices when selecting a product or service offering.
  • How to leverage the neuroscience toolkit including biometrics, implicit associations, facial coding, eye tracking, fMRI, EEG and response latency.
  • Advantages and disadvantages for applying the various tools in the neuroscience toolkit for research involving visual stimuli, products, branding, package design, ad testing of print or video, and more.
  • Case studies and examples ranging from a wide variety of industries for B2B and consumer research.